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Colombia - Jairo Arcila - Pink Bourbon - EA Decaf

Colombia - Jairo Arcila - Pink Bourbon - EA Decaf

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Decaf coffee can get a bad rap - this offering from the one and only Jairo Arcila, the mastermind behind some of our favorite co-ferments, is here to prove that wrong! This special EA decaffeinated coffee is a true work of mellow magic, showcasing how even decaf can be enchanting. Check out the details on below.

We Taste: Cacao Nibs, Cardamom, Orange

Process: EA Decaf

Varietal: 100% Pink Bourbon

MASL: 1400-1500

This coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to select only the ripest cherries and then hand-sorted to remove any defects. The coffee was sundried on raised beds in temperature-controlled conditions until the ideal moisture content is achieved. This decaffeination process is unique. The caffeine is extracted from the bean using sugar cane and water which enhances sweetness while maintaining coffee attributes. This micro-lot is 100% Pink Bourbon.

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