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Stellar Collisions - Cosmic Co-fermented Coffee Magic

Stellar Collisions - Cosmic Co-fermented Coffee Magic

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We Taste: Caramel, Almond Joy, Mild Citrus

Imagination collides with quality to produce this new blend of cosmic co-fermented coffee art. We have been so excited by the creative expressions you can find in coffee from production to cafe culture, and these new co-fermented lots are a beautiful manifestation of this idea that we want to make more accessible! 

We are attempting to do this by combining a beautiful base coffee for these new experimental lots to dance on top of, simultaneously  keeping the price and flavor profile more approachable while retaining the magical experience these coffees can offer. We are so grateful for the artistic risks taking by the producers to create these works of coffee art and can't wait to share them with y'all! 


Coffee Components: 

Colombia Santa Barbara Estate Washed

Colombia Montelbanco Coconut Lemonade Co-Ferment


Brew Recommendation:

Standard Coffee Pot! (basket filter, not cone)

34g Stellar Collisions, ground medium fine

water to the 4 cups mark / 20oz / 590 ML

Hit BREW and a tasty adventure will ensue!

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