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Panama Ruben Viera Static Cherry

Panama Ruben Viera Static Cherry

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We Taste: Berry Compote, Blood Orange, Hibiscus

REGION: Jaramillo Centro,Boquete
VARIETY: Geisha, Pacamara, Catuai

Ruben Viera, 71 years, inherited his family’s seven-hectare farm in 2006. He has been working with coffee all of his life, and it began as a hobby, helping out his parents anywhere he could as a youngster. He now has five hectares planted with a total of 11,400 coffee trees, growing beneath a canopy of citrus trees. All work on the farm is performed by hand, and Ruben employs three people year-round to keep his crop at its healthiest. During the harvest, he employs up to 15 people.

60 Hour Anaerobic Fermentation
Plastic Circular Tanks

Static Cherry is where we begin to explore newer horizons and begin to leave the traditional behind. We see more development of lactic acidity in the cup, darker fruit notes, with a big, creamy body. We begin to see more complex notes appear, with more nuances within each canvas. The physical appearance of the raw material begins to take its own form, taking on a yellowish-brown color.

Staff Brewing Recommendation: 


17g of coffee

38g Final Beverage Weight 

Over 27-30 Seconds 

Water Temp 203  

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