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Panama - Carolyn Saraceni - Intrinsic Cherry

Panama - Carolyn Saraceni - Intrinsic Cherry

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We Taste: Meyer lemon bars, blueberry, apple juice

Process: Intrinsic Cherry Natural

Varietal: Catuai
Elevation: 1500 MASL

Here we ferment the cherry in the very same bags they come in. It is in this way our process maintains the essence of each micro-lot. The bacteria and yeast strains are unique and vary in each batch, and by involving them in the fermentation, we let the essence of the cherry shine. We open the fermentation environment to the air and allow nature to guide the temperature – which averages at 30° celcius. In this case, we just keep an eye out to keep temperatures below 45° celsius, to prevent the cherries from overheating. We keep the fermentation times between 12 and 72 hours, because the soaring temperatures of our natural environment result in drastic changes of the cherry cell structure, and rapid embryo death, completely changing the cup profile.

Carolyn Saraceni Castillo inherited her 15-hectare farm from her father, who has been helping her develop and improve the farm over the last eight years. For Carolyn, coffee equals happiness. The farm has been passed down from her grandfather to her, and she is proud to continue the family legacy, bringing it into the 21st century.

12 of the 15 hectares are planted with 50,000 Catuai coffee trees. She and her father oversee all of the work on the farm, which is done by hand. They employ members of the indigenous community, the Ngöbe-Buglé, to help them with the harvest, which runs from November to March, and general crop maintenance year-round. Carolyn loves the way we process her coffee and is looking forward to an exclusive relationship with us.

What would life be without art?
A life without taste, with nothing to reflect on in the future.

What color do you most identify with?
Green, for nature.

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