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Honduras Jose Claudio Perez Yellow Catuai

Honduras Jose Claudio Perez Yellow Catuai

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We Taste: Caramel, Raisin, Vanilla

Producer: Jose Claudio Perez
Location: San Andres, Lempira
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 1,750 MASL

Lempira Department of Honduras is located in a mountainous area that’s known for pines, oaks and coffee plantations. On the steep mountains and hills are several springs that carry nutrient rich minerals to different forest areas. Despite the issues of inconsistency with utility services such as electricity, coffee farming is still an important source of revenue for Jose Claudio Perez. After Jose Claudio Perez grows coffee using traditional Honduras farming methods, his coffee is exported through companies like San Vincent located next door in Santa Barbara. Exporting coffee through companies with more resources allows for coffee farmers to negotiate sales to a wider pool of clients.

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