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Ethiopia - Israel Degafa - Wush Wush - Super Process

Ethiopia - Israel Degafa - Wush Wush - Super Process

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We Taste: Cacao Nibs, Fruit Punch, Raspberry


About The Wush Wush Varietal: Only ripens cherry selected and lay them on African beds for sorting and removal of unripe, overripe, foreign and then put cherries in PP bags and let it Naturally ferment for six days and then put the fermented cherries back to African drying beds for about 12-15 days.

Processing Stations:  Adola Washing Stations and Dry Mill
Station Owner: Israel Degafa
Region:  Oromia
Woreda: Anasora
Kebele: Sama
Elevation :2000-2300m
Climate: Subtropical
Variety:  Heirloom
Processing: Natural Super 
Fermentation: 6 Days Dry Anaerobic

Dry Time:  12 to 21 days.