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Custom Art

Here's some helpful information and step-by-step instructions for how to get the Custom Art ball rolling:

Step #1: Send us your ART!

  • First things first - email us your logo/design that you'd like printed on the bags to Tara@brandywinecoffeeroasters.com! A couple formatting notes to keep in mind:
    • We always prefer files in .ai, vector files, or high-res vector for sake of ease, but if this isn't possible, let us know (depending on the formatting you have, we may be able to swing it!)
    • Since we use a hand-printing process, we can’t support fine line detail work (under .14 for you artist folk!) If you have any questions on this, feel free to send it anyway - we’ll let you know if we can roll with it.
    • Designs can be separated into a maximum of two layers (colors)  
  • Don't have art ready? That's okay! You can always reach out to Todd@createmagicstudios.com to commission a design. Like all artists, his fees will vary based on the specifics of the request.

Step #2: Plan for Lead Time!

  • Please allow up to 3 weeks after approval of art for your bags - we want to make sure we plan and prep to get this right for you!

Step #3: Tell us what to fill it with!

  • We can fill your custom bags with any of our single origin coffees (you choose from our current offering selection!) or a curated blend.

Step #4: Email your order! 

  • Once this hits our inbox at Tara@brandywinecoffeeroasters.com, we will send you an invoice for your order. After the invoice is paid, we'll queue it up for the roasting schedule ASAP (typically in 1-2 business days.) 

Other FAQs

How much does it cost?

We have an initial screen set-up fee of $50, which includes a test print and sample bag. If you choose to use our preferred designer, we can waive this fee, no sweat! After that, for one layer bags, we charge the same 12oz retail price for the coffee of your choosing! For two layer designs, we charge an extra .50 cents per 12oz bag. 

How many do I need to order?

Our minimum order quantity for custom art is 50 bags. If you're afraid you won't sell through 50 bags while the coffee is at its prime, have no fear! You can order it in increments of 25 with the agreement that you'll purchase a total of 50 or more.